Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Halloween Movie Meme

When I'm between projects, there's nothing that clears my head like a good movie meme. And since it's the season of spooks and ghouls, that means it's time for a Halloween meme! Now, as a self-confessed scaredy-cat, I'm probably not the best suited to coming up with a scary movie quiz. And when I do watch horror movies, my tastes skew closer to Jacques Tourneur than Eli Roth. But that doesn't mean I don't love Halloween and the season of fear. There's something to be said for a centuries-old holiday that isn't interested in brotherly love or independence or anything but scaring the pants off you. And to honor this fine tradition,  here's a thirteen-question Halloween movie meme, courtesy of The Girl with the White Parasol.

Anyone who wants to answer this meme is welcome to post it up on their blog. If you do decide to do it, please provide a link back to this blog. And if you'd like to respond but don't have a blog of your own, feel free to post your answers in the comments down below. Happy haunting!

1. Who is your favorite movie witch?

2. What is the first movie you can remember being scared by?

3. Name a classic horror film that would be substantially improved by better special effects.

4. Name your favorite Val Lewton film.

5. What movie villain or monster has the most frightening "stare-into-the-camera" moment?

6. What is the most irritating horror film cliche?

7. Are there any movies you refuse to watch alone?

8. Picture an old childhood nightmare of yours. Now try to adapt it to film. Can it be done?

9. Who's your favorite "scream queen?"

10. What is the most disappointing horror remake?

11. We've all seen our share of vampires, zombies, and werewolves on film, but are there any mythical creatures or monsters out there that you think deserve more movies (i.e. golems, changelings, the Minotaur, etc.)?

12. Along the lines of "Scary Mary Poppins," can you think of any non-horror flicks that could easily be adapted to fit the genre?

13. And now, just for fun, pick one movie monster or villain to be remade into a cuddly plush toy, just for you.

Now go do the meme! Joan Crawford wants you to do it! 

Just kidding. I have no idea what that expression means and I don't think I want to know.

Note: The first image was taken from 0rchid_thief.


  1. This sounds like fun..

    I will post up my answers up on N and CF, in a few days..

  2. This was fun to fill out.

    You might have to scroll down a little bit.

  3. 1. Margaret Johnston in NIGHT OF THE EAGLE (aka BURN, WITCH, BURN).
    2. I can't think of a movie that scared me, but the original HALLOWEEN made me feel anxious.
    3. I can't think of one.
    5. Christopher Lee's Dracula.
    6. Running down the middle of the street!
    7. No, I'm a horror movie veteran!
    8. Yikes, it's turning into a Ingmar Bergman film!
    9. A tie between Barbara Shelley, Evelyn Ankers, and Veronica Carlson.
    10. THE CAT PEOPLE with N. Kinski.
    11. Gargoyles.
    13. The Demon from CURSE OF THE DEMON. He'd be so cute!

  4. Dawn Sample: Cool!

    Betty Lou Spence: I had plenty of fun reading your answers. Looks like I have a new blog to follow.

    Classic Film and TV Cafe: Hey, a fan of The Leopard Man! That one sort of ranks in the middle of my Lewton favorites but that first scene of the girl being chased and killed outside the door is one of my all-time best horror movie moments ever. The idea of having Ingmar Bergman nightmares makes me giggle. And I want that Curse of the Demon plushie.

  5. The meme'ing is done, and I had a blast doing it--Thanks!

    please go to:

  6. Ivan: Great! I'm checking it out right now.

  7. I'm working on 2 Halloween pieces I have to get done by Sunday, but I'll give your quiz a try! I loved when you said: "There's something to be said for a centuries-old holiday that isn't interested in brotherly love or independence or anything but scaring the pants off you." I LOVE Halloween and horror movies ... good ones, no gore!

  8. I got it done, and it's up at my blog, It was a lot of fun!

  9. Just stopping by to let you know that Noir and Chick Flicks has posted up their answers:)

    Trick or Treat!!!

  10. I need to stop neglecting Blogger so much! Is all right if I post this, like, a day after Halloween? This looks fantastically fun (or FANGtastically fun, cuz of...monsters).

  11. I posted my answers at For me, every day is Halloween, so I'm not even a day late.


    2.....9 yrs old - THE INNOCENTS. At the same time I read the book "The Uninvited" - terrifying. The movie would have really scared me if I had seen it then.

    3. .... Can't think of anything. With the Classics, the effects are part of the attraction.

    4. ....Can't choose just one: CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE.]

    5. ...See #2. In 'The Innocents" , when Quint comes to the window where Miss Jessup is hiding.

    6. ....Girls in underwear searching with flashlights. Women who fall down and can't get up.

    7..... I watch every movie alone.

    8. Picture an old childhood nightmare of yours. Now try to adapt it to film. Can it be done?
    .... Easy stuff! I dreamt that the devil appeared on my window shade surrounded by flames. Also dreamt I went to an old folks home, but the people were dying and they buried them in shallow graves so when you walked, the ground moved and squelched from all the bodies.
    The not so easy to film nightmare....some kind of demon that was only visible out of the corner of your eye. You never saw it except at the edge of periferal vision, but it was small & scary. It fed on fear, so it kept getting larger and larger, but *always* at the very edge of vision. And of course, you'd get more and more scared and it got larger and larger but always stayed just at the edge of eyesight, so you can't figure out what it is, but you also don't want to know, but you need to know! Then I woke up of course! But the movie would show what happened to a person who created a monster out of their own fear, could not stop it and then was destroyed by the barely seen THING. I think this would make a good short film, not feature length. Minimalism is important here.

    9. .....No one. Women scream too much in movies. I may like an actress who happens to scream, but I don't like actresses for their screams.

    10...... I can't remember seeing any horror remakes. I saw about 10 minutes of "The Cat People" remake and turned it off.

    11. ..... Gorgons!

    12. That Movie where Hayley Mills plays twins who re-unite the divorced parents - only they murder them.

    13. .....Bela Lugosi as Dracula in plush.