Monday, July 22, 2013

Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon, Final Day

We've come to the end of our road, folks. I can hardly believe it. I never dreamed, when I started planning this blogathon several months ago, that I would get the incredible response that I did. Each and every one of you has done phenomenal work here and I feel humbled that I got to be a part of it. I still need to finish up commenting on everyone's entries and I will follow up here with a proper congratulations and thank you to you all, but I want you to know now, that I appreciate you guys beyond measure and that you've made this an incredible blogathon.

Ladies of Leisure (The Girl with the White Parasol)

Ladies They Talk About (The Man on the Flying Trapeze)

The Mad Miss Manton (Close Ups and Long Shots)

Double Indemnity (Classic Movie Hub)

The Purchase Price (The Nitrate Diva)

Jeopardy (Pensamientos Filmicos)

Walk on the Wild Side (The Last Drive In)

Barbara Stanwyck: A Lady or a Liar? (The Great Katharine Hepburn)

Baby Face (Classic Movies)


  1. Loving the blogathon! It a lot to review but I've been steadily working my way through and am only a day behind. Thanks for all the work pulling it together.

  2. Really enjoyed this blogathon, Aubyn! Thanks for putting it all together, and thanks to all the bloggers who contributed such entertaining reads!

  3. Thank you for hosting this truly epic blogathon (but if anyone deserves epic, it's Stanwyck). Great work by so many.

    1. Well, the epic was really all Stanwyck and the many great bloggers that came out to honor her. You're right, she deserved no less. And thanks to you guys, she got the best :).