Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More blogathons to come!

What kind of faithful blogging correspondent would I be if I didn't bring you the latest news? Here I was, thinking that I was finished posting about blogathons and here it turns out that two more are on the horizon! And I suggest you guys check them out, whether or not you want to submit something, because they're both being headed up by bloggers I adore and respect.

The Terrorthon (April 20th-24th), Hosted by Page at My Love of Old Hollywood and Rich at Wide Screen World

And you thought Halloween was over! Well, it's only just beginning...or returning...or whatever it is, let's just celebrate scary movies. In Page's words, this is a blogathon to dedicate to "that one film that stood out for all of you as never wanting to see again unless you watch it with all of the lights on and someone holding your hand." She and Rich are throwing upon the doors for reviews on whatever scary movie you want to write about. The only request is that people try to keep it a classic affair, nothing beyond 1980. Still, that leaves you Val Lewton, Mario Bava, Hammer Studios, Universal Horror, James Whale, Robert Aldrich, Alfred Hitchcock, and so much more. Not to mention all the great films that aren't in the horror or thriller category and still manage to haunt you (Picnic at Hanging Rock chilled me to the bone when I first saw it). With so many possibilities here, you'd be as silly as the blonde going into the basement alone if you didn't at least give this one a look.

Participation: Open

The Mary Astor Blogathon (May 3rd-10th), Hosted by Dorian at Tales of the Easily Distracted and R.A. Kerr at Silver Screenings

Even in a crowd of talented stars, this woman stands out. She's always someone to watch, always witty and smart no matter what the subject. Her lines linger even if the movie itself is forgotten. I'm talking about the beautiful and brilliant Mary Astor of course, but I'm also talking about the equally lovely Dorian, from Tales of the Easily Distracted. She and R.A. Kerr from Silver Screenings have decided to bring us a Mary Astor Blogathon, in honor of the actress' 107th birthday. For eight days, movie fans will celebrate Astor and the movies she made. If you don't have much knowledge about the shining, underrated career of Mary Astor, I suggest you start with these two great essays. And then go sign up for a place in the blogathon.

Participation: Open

Cheers, everyone! And if blogathons aren't your cup of tea, might I suggest Miss Jean Brodie's Movie Quiz, courtesy of Dennis Cozzalio? Not for the faint of heart or for the casual moviegoer.


  1. Aubyn,
    You're very sweet to dedicate a post on our blogathons. (Also, you make our little Terrorthon sound quite fun! : )

    See ya soon.

  2. Thanks so much for posting our Mary Astor blogathon! Much appreciated! :)

  3. Aubyn, I second my friend and fellow blogger R.A. Kerr's hearty thanks for spreading the good word about our upcoming Mary Astor Blogathon, as well as the TERRORTHON by our friends Page and Rich! Truly, you're a sugar bowl with two handles, which is high praise and appreciation here at Team Bartilucci HQ! Beaucoup thanks for generously helping us to get the word out! :-D

  4. Silverscreenings and DorianTB: My pleasure, girls! I'm glad two great bloggers like you have taken on this blogathon. Cheers!