Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reader's Choice: What Should I Review?

I think there is an old blogging rule, no doubt inscribed on a tablet by our ancestors and buried somewhere in the desert that says, "Never start a blog post with a reference to how long it's been since you've blogged." So I won't start this one that way. But I do feel like the blog has been collecting a layer of dust since my last blogathon. My movie-watching time has been intercepted lately by TV shows and re-watches of old favorites (My mother had never seen Roman Holiday--imagine!). This is nice, but I really want to get back to a proper schedule of movie reviewing. Thus, I've decided to try something a little different, to give the blog a good shot of adrenaline. I'm going to let my readers decide what I should review next.

Basically, what movies would you like to see me review in the month of September? What genres have I been avoiding, which stars have been ignored? Send me your movie requests and I will promise to randomly pick 3 movies to review here on the blog. Three movies chosen by you guys. No matter what they may be.

(And yes, I did steal this idea from the Siren.)

The Rules of the Game (for requesting movies)

1. The movie must have been released between 1930 and 1965. I love movies of all eras but when it comes to my blog, I like to stick to my mission statement. So any requests for The Matrix or Shoah will be politely but firmly ignored.

2. You can submit a movie from any genre, any country, any style. Horror, exploitation, documentary, foreign, animated, comedy, crime, science fiction, musical, surreal, anything goes.

3. You can submit up to 3 movie requests. That's 3 per person. It will all go in the hat and a trusted third party who doesn't know Scarlet Street from Scarlett O'Hara will get to choose the winners.

4. Please try to keep it to movies that are readily available, by Amazon, Netflix, Warner Archive, ClassicFlix, or on Youtube. I will do all in my power to obtain the movie in question but if it eludes my grasp, I will choose another movie in its place.

5. Repeats are okay. So if someone's requested a movie you'd like to see reviewed here, you can ask for the same movie.

6. Don't request a movie that's already been reviewed on this site.

7. With all that in mind, I promise to review the winning 3 movies, without question or complaint. So if one of you decides to request Casablanca, I will grit my teeth and move heaven and earth to find something new to say about Casablanca. The movie can be the highest of the high, the lowest of the low, and everything in between. That's the fun of it after all.

8. You can send me your movie requests either here in the comments section or at You can also reach me on Twitter (link is on my sidebar).

9. I'm accepting requests until midnight, September 6th, Pacific Standard Time. That's so I'll have time to acquire the movies and get the reviews out in a timely fashion. I may extend the deadline if I don't get enough requests and if you send me a message say, a day or so late, I might sneak you in anyway.

So hit me with your best shot, guys! You've been the best readership a girl could ever want and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Cheers!

(Top picture credited to the ever-awesome Dsata, at Pictures)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Farewell, Julie Harris

What is thrilling about the theater is that it's a forum where people come and for those two or three hours belong to something, to ideas, to a feeling of being a member of the human race.

Julie Harris (1925-2013)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Farewell, Karen Black

I don't think fear is as dynamic an emotion as joy.
Karen Black (1939-2013)

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