Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Guys!

Happy Halloween to all my readers! I hope it's been a good one, full of treats and fun and frights. I've been using the season to catch up on all those famous horror movies I'd never gotten around to see it and my favorite of the bunch was undoubtedly the 1958 Hammer version of Dracula. In fact, I even got to write that one up in an article for ClassicFlix!

For those who don't know, I'm now an official ClassicFlix contributor, which means I get a shiny new column all to myself, every month. I have the great privilege of joining a wonderful team of writers, including the inimitable Stacia Jones, the erudite Mythical Monkey, the scintillating Brandie Ashe, the prolific Laura Grieve, the tasteful Rick Brooks...have I pelted you with enough adjectives yet? And of course, there's the needs-no-introduction Ivan G. Shreve, Jr., who's taken on the responsibility of associate editor, which means he gets to gently beat the writers with old copies of Film Comment whenever they don't turn things in.

I'll be heading up the Colorama column, which means I get to find new ways to gush over beautiful Technicolor movies each month. Not sure quite how this particular assignment fell to me--I've never pretended to be an authority on cinematography or matte paintings (psst, for that, you should check out Matte Shot) or the inner workings of Natalie Kalmus. But anything that gives me an excuse to spend another two hours watching Black Narcissus makes me a happy camper so there you go. 

This month marks my third article for ClassicFlix. If you guys are interested, you can also find me talking up the color scheme in John Ford's Revolutionary epic Drums Along the Mohawk and daydreaming about Gene Tierney's eyes in Leave Her to Heaven. But I hope you will drop by the site to check out the all the writers who've chosen to make it their second home. As soon as you're finished pouring over the incredible classic film and television selection, of course. And picking your rental choices for the next four weeks. And making out your Christmas list. 

That's all for the moment, folks, but you will be hearing from me again very soon. Here's to all the people that make this season of spooks so damn fun!


  1. Whoo! Good stuff! Congratulations! I'm gonna go read your take on Dracula now....

  2. Congrats on your writing gig! I think you'll do a wonderful job as Chief of the Technicolour Bureau. I'm heading over to ClassicFlix now...

  3. Laura: I feel a little nervous about having a horror expert like yourself look over my work. But feel free!

    Silver Screenings: You're too kind, my dear. "Chief of the Technicolor Bureau" makes me sound like some kind of cop. The kind of cop who tracks down old discolored prints and exacts penalties from those responsible, I suppose :).