Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell, Audrey Totter

What could I play? A nice grandmother? Boring! Critics always said I acted best with a gun in my hand.
Audrey Totter (1917-2013)


  1. Just going to post on one of these but it goes for all of these greats and Eleanor Parker too. What a tremendous loss, of course, unlike the Paul Walker tragedy, they had all withdrawn from the stage of their own volition leaving a treasure trove of memorable work behind for which we can be grateful. A sad day for film fans but all lived long and to various degrees happy lives.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joel. These past few days have been terrible for film fans, I have to say. At least we can be thankful that for Parker, Totter, O'Toole, and Fontaine, death was not a tragedy but the conclusion to long, busy, and prosperous lives. We're poorer without them but better for having them. Still though, I'm probably going to be holed up this week, catching up on all their greatest films. It's movie fan therapy.

  3. That's the great thing about TCM, they're so good about doing tributes. I DVR'd a few of Eleanor Parker's today, although they didn't run my favorite of hers, Between Two Worlds.

    Set up a few of the Fontaine/O'Toole films they're showing on the 29th including one I've never heard of called Blond Cheat, another wonderful thing is when they run those obscure titles along with the signature films.

    Unfortunately it looks like they're not doing even a mini tribute for Audrey Totter which is a shame, hers are the least shown so it would be a terrific chance to catch some, I've been hoping someone would show The Saxon Charm with Robert Montgomery, Susan Hayward and she for years.

  4. Aubyn, I became a fan of Audrey Totter when I first saw in LADY IN THE LAKE, even before I saw her in her debut in THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. Whether she played femme fatales or was on the side of the angels, she was always compelling to watch. I too wish we could get at least a day of Our Gal Audrey. Who can we petition? Anyway, she was talented and a heck of a gal; RIP to an amazing lady.